10 Marvel Characters Who Will Survive The Infinity War


Kevin Feige, the President of Marvel Studio, had said in an interview that the two Infinity war movies are a culmination of everything that has happened in MCU till date and there will be a new start after the Infinity War. This hints that some of our favorite characters will leave us in 2019.

After 9 years and 15 movies, MCU is approaching the crossroads after which the future of Marvel movies is blurry. We have 2 years left and many movies to come before we part with Phase 3. While some characters will end their journeys like Steve Rogers and Nick Fury, there are others who will make it out alive:

1. Winter Soldier:

Sebastian Stan who stars as Bucky Barnes signed a 9 movie deal and 2 Avengers will take it to 4. He is the best replacement for Captain America who will die in Infinity War.

2. Ant-Man & Wasp:

Paul Rudd who plays the role of Ant-Man was introduced in a solo movie and he came to Civil War and is set for the upcoming movie, Ant-Man & Wasp with Evangeline Lily. They are coming back for the third movie in Phase 4.

3. Guardians of the Galaxy:

GOTG Vol. 3 has been announced and will come out in 2020 after Phase 3 is over. So, the core team of Guardians will survive Thanos’ fury.

4. Captain Marvel:

Kevin Feige says that she is the most powerful character in MCU. She will debut in Infinity War and a solo movie and a franchise as she is Marvel’s first female lead in a superhero movie. There is a high chance that she will take-over the leadership of “The Avengers”.

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